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Murder Mystery

St. Valentino's Massacre

The 1920s are THE most popular era for corporate murder mysteries, team-building, and fundraisers and this is a great example of that. It is 1927, and the premiere of the silent film, "Silent Floozy", starring the well known husband and wife film stars, Valentino Giuliani and Lacy LaRue. When film critic and gossip columnist, Louella Novella turns up dead, it doesn't exactly cast a pall over the evening; in fact, several of the suspects are almost doing "The Charleston" for joy! Flappers, gangsters, bootleg whiskey, and a very discrete speakeasy called "Big Vinny's" is roaring with the fun and fantasy that was the 20s! Rudolph Valentino may be dead, but Valentino Giuliani is not... at least not yet!

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